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"If we can find the money to kill people,
we can find the money to help people" - Tony Benn

Dwight EisenHower on habeas corpus.

Evelyn Glennie speaking & performing at TED.

Ye Olde Presse Kitt

Molly in the Crowd (& friends) at "Your Inner Vagabond"

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My sister Linda Day passed away just before the Iraq war began. She was my hero, a great healer, and best friend to many people.
You can get to know her a bit even now.

Professor Beautiful is a consortium of alter-egos (pictured right)
& the go-to guy in Pittsburgh for all subversive tuba styles:
pan-ethnic, R&B, improv & experimental, Latin & jazz, Bach and Bach-alikes, hard-drivin jazz, funk, 'n'at...

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Photo by: Pam Panchak / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (6/2/03)

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Wangari Maathai  ____ Aung San Suu Kyi  ____ Jimmy Carter  ____ Jody Williams

Allister Sparks

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Prof Beaut & the Birds (solo)

Besame at "Your Inner Vagabond" (Colombian)

Daryl Leroi Fleming and the Public Domain

"Charles Wallace" at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern

"Molly in the Crowd" Club Cafe March 30 2008

Besame at DownUnder (Colombian)

Besame at Modern Formations (Colombian)

Dalzell block party 2007


Double Dutch Divas

Cousin Chuck Cowan

Gail and Jeremy

Temple Sinai

A random sampler

Besame at Litchfield Towers

The Brookens Trio

Molly in the Crowd visits Grove City.

Some favorite links:

Democracy Now
Living On Earth
Besame (my Colombian music friends)
Coro Latinoamericano (my choral music friends)

Who am I & vice versa?
I'm not these guys.
But I am these guys. Biostats