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Blues Orphans "Hystericana" at CDbaby

"Original genre-bending roots music, based in Blues and Bluegrass with punk-funk/hip-hop polka flavors. An hysterical version of Americana for the 21st century."

Blues Orphans present the mellow musical stylings of Bob Gabig's brilliant songs, including some exciting new ouevres, domestic soap-operas about robots, medical marijuana, salt sugar and fatA subbbbbbtle blend of Pittsburgh soul, hillbilly hiphop, beatnik bebop, rockabilly satire.

Our CD "Hystericana" is sweeping the nation!  
(Which needs it...just look at that dust.) 
Including the Pittsburgh National Anthem  "Yinzer Polka".
That's Bob Gabig, a cool cat, on guitar & vocals, prolific witty songwriter (funny but clean lyrics, folks), master showman. The Chief! Survivor of many vicious baguette attacks. He crafts songs as pithy poems of hilarity. Oh, and he shreds on guitar like a monster.
That's Nelson Harrison , trombone and trombetto and vocals... veteran of the Count Basie Orchestra, Dionne Warwicke, James Brown, The (original) Supremes and the (original) Temptations, Mary Wells, Little Stevie Wonder; inventor, psychologist, Pittsburgh Jazz Network founder, metaphysicist, composer, librettist, etc. 
That's Bob's brother Andy Gabig, blues harp, jaw-dropping.  How'd he do that!!???  One of the most distinct and unusual harmonica players ever. He can make it sound like everything from a fiddle to an accordion, and covers a range from jazz to waltz. And he's probably the most humble musician you've ever met.
That's Roger Day, a.k.a. Professor Beautiful, pan-ethnic tuba-sin-fronteras-- all jazz, all latino, all klezmer, all funk, all blues, all ears. 




Released Fall 2010:

Bésame: "Primer Beso"

"For this first, full-length album, Bésame takes you across Colombia from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast,
with a few side trips to neighboring countries thrown in for good measure.
The idea was to create a collection that showcases some of the amazing traditional music the region has to offer,
but more importantly, a collection that makes you want to dance and sway to the music!"
... I thought it was to pay for the yacht mortgage...

Ernie Hawkins "Whining Boy"

Here's a review. Also:
"The intersection of the blues and jazz that thrived along the mythical Mississippi from Basin to Beale Street.
Features finger-picked Piedmont guitar with tuba, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, harmonica, bass and washboard."
with George Heid, Joe Dallas, Dwayne Dolphin, Joe Cosentino, Marc Reisman, and Roger Day, who is no slouch either,
oh of course he is.

...I dare you to say "thrived along the mythical Mississippi " three timthes fatht...

Catch Ernie and me on the Saturday Light Brigade radio show in late 2010,
and also in 2009 with the great blues harp player Mark Reisman.

Oh yeah, notice the debonaire radio patter.