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The Dina and Karina Ruta art exhibit
at the Tango Café,
November 9, 2008

(link was broken-- now fixed)

Gallery of Victor Beltrán. April 11, 2009




5 years ago an Argentinean mother and two daughters created the Tango Café, a unique cultural resource that has earned a special place in the hearts of Pittsburghers. The café gives us:

• Argentine food, coffee and mate (mah-tay).
Outstanding classes in Spanish at all levels
• Conversation practice in English, Spanish and French
• A venue for Latin American music.
• A venue for dance, art, and poetry.

Today the Tango Café is threatened by a 50 million dollar development at the corner of Murray and Forward Avenues. The project will raze the building that houses the Café. The Friends of the Tango Café are working to ensure that the Café survives.

The Tango Café family currently provide to Pittsburgh a unique and irreplaceable cultural and educational experience, reaching far wider than its modest size and economic impact would hint. The café required great sacrifice and intense work to launch. It still requires hard work seven days a week and persistence. It provides little margin for a livelihood. But it is home for the family and for their community of customers and friends. Therefore the prospect of eviction to make room for the new development is frightening. Those of us who love Tango Café and recognize its value to the city intend to do what we can to assure its continuity.

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