Professor Beautiful and the Hummingbirds

An idyllic afternoon at Serenity Hill in Kentucky. Just the hummingbirds, thrushes, a buzz saw and a tuba. *Sigh*.
OK this ain't Vladimir Horowitz exactly, but at least it's not ordinary.

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 Abdullah Ibrahim  mov 94.1 MB 07-03-15
 Abdullah Ibrahim medley.mp4  mp4 23.1 MB 07-03-15
 Bacon  mov 59.6 MB 07-03-15 Not bad, got some cute double-stops.
 Bacon Fat.mp4  mp4 14.0 MB 07-03-15
 Beautiful  mov 66.5 MB 07-03-15  mov 62.6 MB 07-03-15
 Groovin'.mov  mov 102.2 MB 07-03-15
 Hungarian Rhapsody number 2 by  mov 126.9 MB 07-03-15
 Hungarian Rhapsody number 2 by Liszt.mp4  mp4 31.2 MB 07-03-15
 My Creole  mov 79.4 MB 07-03-15