Going On Together

       Linda Day Fall 2002

Whenever the blueness of the sky
Or your gentle warming by the sun
Or the earthy smell of a new rain
Makes you smile
Our spirits are joined.

Whenever you are awed
By the soaring of a bird,
The vastness to the stars,
Or the reemergence of life,
Our spirits are meeting.

Whenever learning
Just a little new thing
Delights you like a child,
Or a new understanding
Warms you with light from head to toe;
When you feel humbled, but at peace,
About your very small place in the universe
And also understand that whatever you can give
To the world the world really needs,
We share in life together.

Whenever you have the fullness
That being grateful brings,
We are full together.

I have already returned to star dust.
But we continue on together
In the same universe
Made of the same star dust.