“Tuba Sin Fronteras”, aka “Professor Beautiful”.

          The music in action is at the ProfessorBeautiful channel

Cozy with jazz & blues of every kind, latin of every kind
(Colombian, Brazilian bossa and forro, Cuban, Puerto Rican, tango...); 
also Croatian, Portuguese fado,
soul, hip hop, klezmer, Irish and Scots, R&B, rock, classical mostly solo,
free improv. 

Whisper-quiet to loud; any key, rhythm or tempo; as bass or as lead.

Wesleyan days

Discovered Birdbath, the Conn 20J recording tuba. Love at first toot.

Studied with Ken McIntyre and Sam Rivers at Wesleyan. 

A charter member in the '70s of Talking Drum, an African and reggae band featuring Abraham Azdzenyah.

Performed with Ed Blackwell, who ended our concert with "Hubba hubba tuba!".

Quinnipiac Jazz Festival 1971

Our group, the Creative Black Arts Sextet,
was denounced as "dangerous",
and yet Birdbath and I were conferred 'best miscellaneous', tied with Stanley Clarke.
My prize was an empty envelope. They SAID it was worth $200 toward Berklee School of Music.
Professor McIntyre said, "What do you want to go there for, you already know how to play jazz."

Got a nod as "musician deserving wider recognition" in Downbeat Magazine 1971 by Coltrane biographer Bill Cole.

Boston days

Meeting some extraordinary musicians, composers, lifelong friends
Steve Nickerson, Tom Trobaugh, and Mitch Nelin, at a Cambridgeport party at 4am.
Richard Brookens, the "Yellow Bell" virtuosos on woodwinds, and spiritual leader.

There are some wonderful recordings from that time. 

Pittsburgh days

In Pittsburgh, I (we?) gradually became a fixture in many music scenes,
Performed at well over 200 distinct venues in Pittsburgh and vicinity.
Most active groups have been:
Here are a few more musical activities and special events: