Why would anyone call himself Professor Beautiful??

Top Ten reasons why:
  1. To make me more humble.
  2. To make me less humble.
  3. You have to ask??
  4. The Beatles had a pathetic name too. They did OK.
  5. "The artist formerly known as Image:Prince symbol.svg" was already taken.
  6. Exquisite embarassment is fun! Try it.
  7. dotdotdot --- I'm getting bored with this list.
  8. The real reason: a friend once e-mailed to compliment me on a publicity write-up about her cafe.
    Thank You
    Peace and Blessings"

    A few minutes later came this:
    I didn't mean you are beautiful, I meant, the message you send to everyone was beautiful..well written..
    and i don't mean you are ugly either.oh my......you know what i mean? lol"

    That was so sweet! Anyway, it turned into a running joke, & then I started to get used to it!