Pan-Ethnic Tuba: Professor Beautiful


Finally being REVAMPED thanks to a kick in the pants from Peter D'O the class correspondent

...excuse my dust.

Lots of my music with friends & solo (Bach, Liszt, Monk, Nazareth, Joplin, a few romani gems),at YouTube @professorbeautiful.
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But if you are youtube-o-phobic (if you sometimes see ads).
on this page are some unselected selected videos bypassing YouTube.

I've played the tuba since 1969. The exact same tuba.
Wesleyan alums from that era, please click here!

Its name is Birdbath Beautiful. It kidnapped my head (see graphic above).
It writes poetry.

My turn, wise guy: Here's a musical bio.

Professor Beautiful is a consortium of alter-egos (pictured below)
& the go-to guy in Pittsburgh for all subversive tuba styles 'n'at...

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Pittsburgh guys

Photo by: Pam Panchak / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (6/2/03)
The day after the mayor was bitten by a dog off-leash! You can look it up.
A couple of scofflaws here.

My sister Linda Day passed away just before the Iraq war began.
She was my hero, a great healer, and best friend to many people.
You can get to know her a bit even now.